Knitting With Baba
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     This website is called Knitting With Baba because it is about knitting, and I am the Baba (grandmother) to two adorable children.

     I have not been knitting for decades, like some Babas. Several times during my life, people tried to teach me to knit. I did not learn very well, or I did not enjoy it at the time, or something. I easily learned to crochet about 40 years ago, and that was my preferred handicraft for a long time.

     About 10 years ago I became the property of a dear little chihuahua. Well, it was a little chihuahua, anyway, and it was dear to me. She was always cold. I got a pattern and crocheted her a sweater. She was a tiny dog, and the fabric seemed too thick, and at the same time had too many "holes". I preferred the look and feel of knitted fabric. Over the years, my children had received lots of lovely knitwear from their grandmothers. I had better learn to knit. So I did. I knitted doggie sweaters, and doggie blankets, and baby afghans, and big-people afghans.

     I loved knitting, but I had difficulty learning new stitches and techniques. Also, I did not enjoy sewing together a bunch of pieces to make a project. Sometimes the pieces of projects ended up languishing in a bag at the back of my stash closet. Often I slipped back into crochet mode. Incidentally, I learned to knit in what is called the Continental style, where the yarn is carried in the left hand, similar to crochet.

     In 2011-12 I had a few health issues, and had to curtail my active lifestyle. I thought I would buy some yarn and start a new knitting project. My husband gave me The Look. I decided to dig out all the old projects and finish them up, instead. In the process, I learned new techniques such as cabling, and new ways of joining pieces together, such as the Three Needle Bind Off. I discovered that I really liked knitting, but not purling. In a knitting magazine I discovered the Magic Loop technique. I also discovered the "pick up and knit" technique. Yes! Now I could just knit everything, and not have to join pieces.

     In future posts on this website, I will explain these wonderful techniques more fully.  Now let's knit!