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BABA'S '60s  CHIC DRESS   for American Girl Dolls

A snug little dress that is easy to pull up over the doll’s feet, knitted from the top down on 6mm circular bamboo needles in [4] (worsted) acrylic yarn, Mary Maxim Starlette..

Cast On 36 sts. Join to knit in the round.

NOTE:  * means repeat sts in brackets to end of row.

R 1-12:  Knit
R 13:  (K6, BO6, K12, BO6, K6)*
R 14: (K6, CO8, K12, CO8, K6)*
R 15-48: K*
R 49-52: Seed St. (K1P1 one row, P1K1 next row)
Bind off. Weave in ends.

NOTE: If this garment proves to be too tight for little hands to manage, increase the number of CO stitches to 44. At R13, (K6, BO8, K12, BO8, K6); at R14, (K6, CO10, K12, CO10, K6). The dress will be a bit less stylish but it will be easier to get onto and off of the doll.

Using [4] (worsted weight) yarn, and 4.5 mm needles, cast on 48 sts. Join to work in the round.

R 1 –6:  (K1, P1)* rib
R 7:  (K1, Kfb)*  = 72 sts
R 8-26: Stocking Stitch (if knitting in the round, K every row. If knitting flat, K odd rows and P even rows.)
Decrease Rounds  (in Stocking Stitch)
R 1: (K10, k2tog)*           R 7: (K4, k2tog)*
R 2: (K,9,K2tog)*            R 8: (K3, k2tog)*
R 3: (K8, k2tog)*            R 9: (K2, k2tog)*
R 4: (K7, k2tog)*            R 10: (K1, k2tog)*
R 5: (K6, k2tog)*            R 11: (K2tog)*
R 6: (K5, k2tog)*

Break thread (leaving long tail if knitting flat) and thread through remaining sts on the needle, pull tight and tie off. (Use long tail to sew seam if necessary.) Weave in all ends.