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(for American Girl Dolls, but also fits vintage 16” Cabbage Patch Kids)

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Baba's Dolly Cupcake Hat

Knitting With Baba
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4.5 mm needles ( DPN or 29” for Magic Loop )
Darning needle for weaving in ends
Red Heart Comfort (worsted) – ivory
Red Heart Comfort or any worsted – brown
Mary Maxim Baby Confetti  “Sprinkles” (super bulky)

Feel free to substitute any yarns you like, as long as the gauge with worsted in Stocking Stitch is 4 stitches to the inch.

DIRECTIONS                      * means repeat to end of row/round
With ivory, cast on 48 sts. Join to work in the round.
(If you prefer, you can knit the hat flat and seam it up the back. In that case, remember when working in Stocking Stitch, to knit the odd rows and purl the even rows.)
Rounds 1-8:  (K1, P1)* across
Change to brown. Cut ivory.
Rounds 9 – 10: Stocking Stitch
Change to “Sprinkles”. Cut brown.
Rounds 11 – 22:  Stocking Stitch
Continue in Stocking Stitch. (If knitting flat, Knit one row and Purl the next row.)

Round 1 :  (K6, K2tog)*
Round 2:  (K5, K2tog)*
Round 3:  (K4, K2tog)*
Round 4:  (K3, K2tog)*
Round 5:  (K2, K2tog)*
Round 6: (K1, k2tog)*
Round 7:  (K2tog)*

Break thread (leaving long tail if you have been knitting flat), thread through remaining stitches on the needles, pull tight and tie off. Use long tail to sew the seam. Weave in all ends.